BlingFlock™ 10m Roll

BlingFlock™ 10m Roll

  • £55.00

BlingFlock™ Bling Flock is the latest revolutionary product to come from Bling Solutions, it has many significant advantages over stone stencil materials or stencil films made from plastic materials in todays market.

You do not need “flock work station” /plastic sheets or even special expensive 60 deg cutter blades.

Price: This is the lowest cost Flock based material currently available. USA flock materials are 30 – 40% more expensive and then you have shipping and import to consider. Using our Bling Flock will also reduce your labour costs because of accuracy of weeding and ease of transfer manufacture.

Cutting: Bling Flock will cut on almost all plotter cutters from the Silhoutte Cameo to industrial machines. It cuts at much lower pressure settings so produces better results. You do not require overcut function. You do not require special blades and as this material is easy to cut you blades will last significantly longer. As this material is so light weight there is no drag which will increase efficiency.

Weeding: This is a major advantage, this material is superior to the traditional stone stencil plastic materials. Sizes from 2mm will weed so easily with no stretching. Reduced Labour for stencil creation. Works well with stones from 2mm to 6mm. No need for additional stencil adhesive film, thus saving on material costs and labour.

Making Transfers: This is so much easier with Bling Flock as there is no static electricity, this means that your stones will not pop out/ jump up, you can simply shake or brush the stones into place. Best of all the transfer film does not stick to the flock material so you can peel back with one finger and no static means you can overlay with different sizes and colours of stones simply or make or even brush different sizes using one template.

Storage: Bling Flock does not shrink either in storage or after you have cut your transfer. Shelf life is therefore much longer and your stencils will not change over time either.

Colour: Black

Sizes: Bling Flock is available in 5m, 10m, 25m and 50m rolls.

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